Thursday, February 18, 2010

The night before take off

As always seems to happen, here we are the night before we take off and it has come around so quickly. You always have these grand ideas about just how prepared you will get this time around and the inevitable reality sets in and you realise you just never have the time to do what you would like to. Fortunately Bec is a super woman and has done a great job organising visas, tickets, immunisations, house sitters, food for the kids, and packed the bags! So despite my minimal efforts of support we are quite well organised, all things considered.
Travelling with kids is always a very different experience to trvalleing on your own, there is so much more to think about and it is never a straightforward proposition. There is ofcourse a significantly higher degree of responsibility and the pressure to get things right and to be prepared. The old days of throwing some clean underwear in your backpack, a toothbrush and few bucks are well and truly behind us.
We have been very fortunate to have had many trips with our kids and they are very good travellers. I think all of them were plane broken before 6 months of age with Gus experiencing his first trip overseas to India at 4 months old. For this next adventure we head to Darwin, fly to East Timor for a week, back to Darwin via Perth to Bangkok, Thailand for a week and then to Chennia India for 10 days. In India we spend some time in Chennai, catch a train to Bangalore and Mysore then back to Chennia for a couple of nights. When we return we then hitch our camper and head off up the east coast of Australia for four months. This is a trip we have been looking forward to for a long time and has been many years in the planning, so we are all very excited. While in India we are looking to secure funding to rebuild a school which will enable we hope 150 indian kids including a number of orphans to attend school. Of all the things we have done in India this is the project that we are most excited about. Education is such a fundamental platform for life for kids.
Travelling with kids is never boring and always eventful - stay tuned for more details.

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