Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi all, We are pleased to say we are back in Oz again if only temporarily. Currently sitting the the qantas club in Darwin midway through a 4 hour layover before heading to Perth. Yesterday we had our final day in Dili which was a great finish to our trip. I had my final day at work and all went well to finish off my program. Bec, the kids and Jen and Nick were able to secure a driver and a vehicle and went exploring through Dili and its outer suburbs. They visited a few sites and went to the markets and had a great time getting out and about. We finished off our day with dinner with my work friends at a beachside restaurant. The evening made all the more special as some of the staff also brought their children with them. My client is from Africa and he has 4 beautiful children with one older girl around Indy's age and several younger children too. Indy and Mags had a wonderful time sitting and sharing stories with obera who had travelled very braodly living in many different countries. We had a feast of seafood and vegetables and rice and had a lovely finish to our week. My clients youngest daughter who was about 1 took a liking to me and I spent half the night carrying her around, much to the disgust of Gus! A lovley way to finish our time in Timor. We awoke at 5.30am this morning to heavy rain and packed our many many bags into the car which we affectionately named the troop carrier as it was a land rover with bench seats down both sides. We all crammed into the back with all of our bags, quite a sight to behold. Off to the airport, soaked in the process and through customs and immigration. On to our plane and flying through the monsoons to Darwin. We now head to Perth on a four hour flight, overnight there and then off to Bangkok in the morning. After the very basic conditions in Timor I think we are all looking forward to a bath and then a good time in Bangkok. Hope everyone is going well back home!

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