Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow what a day!


So mid week of my program in Kenya. As always with these programs the first few days are tough. New people, building trust and relationships and a lot of energy going into making the program a successful experience for all involved. As the week being away from Bec and the kids I am finding really challenging and the longer I am away for the harder it gets. I am always pretty emotional and find it difficult to even think of home and Bec and the kids.

I have kept up with most of my commitments as part of my 21 day challenge. I am up at 5am every morning, trying to meditate on the rose, reading my positive affirmations, meditating on my Dharma, running every morning, eating live foods, reading each day and reflecting each day.For the most part I have done pretty well. Interestingly though the further away from my visit to the kids in Emali the less energy I have, not quite sure what that means for me but there is something in this that I need to think about. I am so alive when I am with the kids and visiting these projects.

Today was a pretty amazing day. I built a new day within our program and tried something new and it really hit the mark. It was a long and very productive day that ended with each of our group having watched a series of inspirational speeches on the web then presenting a 2 minute talk back to the group. Wow, it was amazing, many of the most inspirational and heartfelt talks I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Needless to say that I was a complete mess by the end of it, the emotion is never far away from the surface for me. Maggie would have given me a very hard time! I won't share the stories on the blog as that wouldn't be appropriate but just to say that they were completely amazing and I feel humbled, honoured and privileged that people would share these stories with me. There are days I just love my job!

Well time to hit the sack, long and emotional day. Thinking of all of my family and can't wait to see everyone!

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